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FREE real-time help for APEX developers by APEX developers

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APEXd2d is an online, real-time clinic for Oracle APEX developers to help them solve problems or improve their code. Developers sign up to help on specific topics at their choice of time slots. Developers visit with an issue and grab an open session with a developer who can help. Brain cells fire up and solutions are identified.

You can now register, verify your account, sign in, and reserve a session on November 30th with an APEXd2d Helper.

APEXd2d is the result of a collaboration between several APEX organizations, celebrating the memory and sharing spirit of Joel Kallman.


Who will be helping?

Here are some of the APEX and Oracle Database developers from around the world who will be helping others on November 30.

How APEXd2d works

Helpers sign up for specific time slots and areas of expertise. For example, Sandra is really good at dynamic actions and is available at 10 AM and 2 PM.

Developers in need reserve a slot and thereby get up to 30 minutes of 1-1 help with their code (or low-code, if you're looking for advice on things like Universal Theme). This could be to fix a bug or simply to review their code and offer suggestions for improvements.

We all have something to offer to other developers in our community. Sign up to be an APEXd2d helper and we'll follow up with further instructions.

This distributed, decentralized model should make it easy for lots of members of the APEX community to share their expertise, and for lots of APEX developers to move their projects and their APEX knowledge forward.

Would you like to help, too? You do not have to be a well-known expert in the APEX community to be an APEXd2d Helper! You might have lots of experience with Cards or perhaps come to APEX with a strong background in JavaScript, which many others lack.


How would you like to participate?


Sign up as an APEXd2d Helper

And you don't have to register again to ask for help. After you've set up your account, sign in and reserve a session!

Everyone can help!

Do you know APEX and/or Oracle Database really well? Then you can help other developers!

Don't feel like you're an expert, but you have lots of experience in a particular feature of APEX, like Interactive Grids? Then you can be a big help!

Not confident enough to solve someone else's problems, but still want to help? You can also sign up to review code or do some pair programming for a developer!

Provide us with your name and email address and we will get you set up as an APEXd2d Helper!


Get some help

APEXd2d launches on November 30, 2021. APEXd2d is not about training or attending a webinar. It's about helping you solve a problem or overcome a challenge you are experiencing at that time.

Register, and we'll send you a verification email, so that you can then set up your profile and reserve a sesion with an APEXd2d helper!

Register and reserve a session!

Register now and we'll send you a verification email, so you can create your account and ask for help.


"I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits.." – Kent Beck


About APEXd2d

APEXd2d is a project of a newly-formed consortium of four APEX organizations: FOEX, Insum Solutions, MT-AG, United Codes.

The Oracle APEX community has lots of ways to learn about APEX and get help with this amazing low-code tool, including: Twitter, Slack, Q&A forums, Oracle Support. They are all wonderful, but we think that people learn best by talking with other people directly. So we decided to launch APEXd2d to make it easy for developers to help get their problems solved in real-time with help from another developer, hence "d2d": developer to developer.

We all want to do everything we can to build the APEX community and honor the memory of Joel Kallman.

"Service unto others!"

From Kristin Kallman, Joel's wife....

APEXd2d sounds like a wonderful initiative and I’m sure Joel would be so honored (and humbled) that you are starting this. What a great way to help other developers and grow the community that Joel was so passionate about. He cared so much about the people who are in it. You have my complete blessing on this. I only wish success and all good things to the people of APEX.

The APEXd2d team: Zsolt Angyal, Dennis Amthor, Niels de Bruijn, Haniel Burton, Steven Feuerstein, Dimitri Gielis, Patrizia Hoinkis, Bernadette Lazar, Jackie McIlroy, Plamen Mushkov, Peter Raganitsch, Michelle Skamene


Frequently Asked Questions

APEXd2d is brand-new so no questions have been, ahem, frequently asked. Yet.

So we thought we'd get ahead of the curve and offer some answers to questions we anticipate you'll have.

  • How much does it cost to get help at APEXd2d?

    Nothing! APEXd2d is a 100% FREE service. The companies behind APEXd2d volunteered their time and resources. The community members who volunteer to help also are sharing their expertise for free.

  • What kind of help can I get at APEXd2d?

    Generally, either help with finding a solution to a problem you have with your APEX development (APEX low-code elements, SQL, PL/SQL) or reviewing code you have already written.

  • Who can be a helper?

    Anybody who knows something about APEX, SQL and/or PL/SQL! You don't have to be great at everything in APEX (or SQL or PL/SQL) to help others. Worked a lot with dynamic actions? Really good at SQL analytic functions? Love to read and give feedback on other people's code? Then you definitely qualify as a helper!

    APEX team members are also very welcome at APEXd2d to share their expertise!

  • Can I get training on APEX topics at APEXd2d?

    You will certainly learn something from your 1-1 sessions, but helpers will not be doing presentations. Instead, you will present your problem and/or your code, and your helper

  • Can I be a helper and also get help myself?

    Absolutely! Once you've registered as a helper, you can also grab a session with another helper to solve one of your problems. Conversely, if you registered to get help, you can then volunteer to be a helper as well.

  • Does apexd2d provide a Zoom account for helpers to use?

    We do not. When you register (or at least, before apexd2d Day), simply provide your own Zoom link - you can get a free account at Or a link to a Teams session, or whichever app you'd like to meet with developers on.

  • When can I sign up for sessions?

    Right now! Developers can reserve up to 10 sessions on that day with helpers, but at most session with a specific helper.

  • I don't have a problem to solve right now, but I'd really like to have an expert take a look at my code and give me some feedback. Can I use apexd2d for that?

    Absolutely! Make sure to indicate that when you grab a session with a helper.

  • I am a student learning APEX. Can I ask for help with my homework?

    Yes and no. Please do not expect a helper to do your homework for you. But if you have specific technical questions, then sure, sign up for a session!

  • Will sessions be recorded?

    We encourage helpers to record their sessions, but it is not required. And no recordings will be published without both the helper's and the developer's approval.